The Dating Game Part II Relationships - In Part I of this two part series, I discussed how to find a date, how to perfect your online profile and discussion topics.

US is Urging a Ban On The High Tech and Military Sales To Iran - The Iranian President has promised to blow Israel off the map.

Panic Attacks Driving - One of the more common questions I am asked is how to cope with anxiety while driving.

Aftermath of Indonesia Tsunami and Environmental Fixes - The Sumatra Earthquake and the Indonesia Tsunami that followed proved to be one of the works natural disasters from Mother Nature in our present period and killed over 200,000 people.

Masturbation Dont Be Afraid to Masturbate - Many psychologists and researchers have discovered that masturbation can be, and is, a positive addition to one?s personal and sexual life.

Is It Time To Put Away My Childish Things - ?Some of us treat God like the Claw?that tempting machine at supermarkets and video arcades that will dispense a stuffed animal to the lucky winner.

Universal Principles of Yoga Part - In all religions, it is believed singing or chanting prayers, hymns, or Japa, will bring about salvation.

The Devil the Cat and the Curious Story of the Skulls - On October 13th 1307 while the Templars were being arrested the Templar Fleet stationed at La Rochelle quietly slipped away.

A Code Success Story - If you know a first responder, firefighter, are one or have been one, you might recall some out-of-the-ordinary emergency calls.

How Soon Will Saudi Arabia Turn to Nuclear Energy - While a growing number of countries have announced their civilian nuclear energy ambitions over the past twelve months, no other country is likely to have more of a psychological impact on the nuclear energy picture than Saudi Arabia.

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