Air Support

Air Support for Patton's Third ArmyIn Air Support for Patton's Third Army, John J. Sullivan seeks to complete the record on the Third Army.

Combat service

Combat service support in Baghdad: a forward support company supporting an armor battalion task force in Iraq had to innovate to execute its mission in a challenging urban environmentProviding combat service support (CSS) for a battalion-sized task force operating as part of Operation.

Life support

Life support for trauma and transport: First field useDuring the Persian Gulf War, the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) found evacuation distances.

Improved anesthesia

Improved anesthesia support of the forward surgical team: A proposed combination of drawover anesthesia and the life support for trauma and transportThe Ohmeda Portable Anesthesia Complete is the apparatus available for delivery.

Hungarian public

Hungarian public transport gets supportTHE Hungarian government has approved three transport agreements with the city authorities in the capital.

Transport museums: Another kind of historiography Some transport historians have long thought of museums as a suitable place in which to ply their craft. The late Jack Simmons, founding co-editor of this journal, was a passionate advocate of the educational benefits of transport museums and in 1970 published what for many years was the only book in English on the subject.


Classics in Transport Analysis III, Railways

Chris Nash, Mark Wardman, Kenneth Button and Peter Nijkamp (eds), Classics in Transport Analysis III, Railways, Edward Elgar, London (2003), 556 pp., £120.00.


Characterization of the performance of bin blenders: part 1 of 3: methodology: in this series of articles, bin blender performance is comprehensively reviewed using both free-flowing and cohesive mixtures. In part 1, an introduction to tools and techniques is presented, followed by an examination of parameter effects, mixing mechanisms, and the effects of cohesion on mixing

Blending powder and granular constituents plays a vital role in the production of a wide array of consumer and industrial products, including ceramics, plastics, foodstuffs.


"This old camp" goes green: giving kids a natural world of good—second in a series of six articles

Once upon a time, many youth camps in the United States were examples of sustainable, low-impact design and operation.


Buying Layer 2 Ethernet Services Second of two articles

This article provides similar discussion for Layer 2 services, which may or may not be MPLS-based.