Air Support

Air Support for Patton's Third ArmyIn Air Support for Patton's Third Army, John J. Sullivan seeks to complete the record on the Third Army.

Combat service

Combat service support in Baghdad: a forward support company supporting an armor battalion task force in Iraq had to innovate to execute its mission in a challenging urban environmentProviding combat service support (CSS) for a battalion-sized task force operating as part of Operation.

Life support

Life support for trauma and transport: First field useDuring the Persian Gulf War, the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) found evacuation distances.

Improved anesthesia

Improved anesthesia support of the forward surgical team: A proposed combination of drawover anesthesia and the life support for trauma and transportThe Ohmeda Portable Anesthesia Complete is the apparatus available for delivery.

Hungarian public

Hungarian public transport gets supportTHE Hungarian government has approved three transport agreements with the city authorities in the capital.

Poor no more: strategies of global development CRISIS BOOKS usually follow a predictable pattern: first a searing depiction of the problem at hand, then some broad and sweeping assessments of how great changes in attitude might begin to address the issue.


Anti-SUV radicals say `we know where you live' - nation in brief - activists target sport utility vehicle owners

You've got to figure that Porsche knows something about what the car-buying public wants. The automaker is not exactly giving vehicles away; we're talking big bucks here.


Asia's eco-guerrillas: choosing your battle is important for activists in Asia. Mike Levin sums up the state of the region's environmental movement - Essay

It's been six years since the canal beside Paiboon Chusakul's house in southern Bangkok burst into flames, five years since his mother and sister started getting strange headaches and four years since Pai.


LEAD: Iraq says bus carrying foreign activists attacked

Iraq said Tuesday that U.S. warplanes attacked two buses bringing European and American peace activists to Baghdad from Jordan, injuring many of them.


Bill Morris - general secretary of the Transport and General Worker's Union - Interview

"Bill wants to talk about the euro. Obviously, he will talk about lots of things, but he is especially keen to advance of my interview with the general secretary talk about the euro."