Ladies Forget about Online Dating Sites with Personality Tests - February's Atlantic Monthly includes a 10 page cover story about online dating.

The US Border Issue Is Heating Up Are You Ready For The Politics - The US Border Issue is sure to be a major issue in the upcoming elections this next time around.

Listening To Your Higher Self - Be quiet and listen.

Female Seduction What Women Expect and How To Succeed With Them - Men tend to be more easily aroused than women, for female seduction men need to take an approach that is subtle as women tend not to want to jump straight into bed.

Three Reasons for Feeling like a Failure in Life - Have you ever asked yourself, Why am I a failure, What is happening to my life, Where can I find the answers, Can I change my current situation, Where do I go for help?.

The Reality of Imagery for Empowerment - Copyright 2006 Marshall House.

Biography Background For Artificial Intelligent Androids - In order to make artificial intelligent androids more humanlike so they can work alongside their human companions as assistants in business, military and other endeavors we will need to create a background profile or biography if you will.

Spiritual Words of Empowerment - Spiritual Words of Empowerment are words and phrases which, when interpreted in the light of New Reality thinking, add to your spiritual sense of self-empowerment.

Achieving Success Learning To Have Faith In Yourself - How many times have you heard successful people say that one of the most important lessons they learned on their journey to success was having faith in themselves?.

Self Improvement Success Thinking - If you think success, success will happen.

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