Female Seduction What Women Expect and How To Succeed With Them

Men tend to be more easily aroused than women, for female seduction men need to take an approach that is subtle as women tend not to want to jump straight into bed.Keep in mind, women tend not to be as influenced by looks as men, there are other considerations in the art of female seduction, learn them and you will have much more success with women.When considering female seduction we need to start with appearance.Make sure that you dress well neat and tidy and remember the small details women pay attention to well fitting clothes for your build, clean and well pressed as well as clean and scuff free shoes ? the latter are one of the first things a women looks at!.Grooming & Hygiene.If you are not hygienic and well groomed you won't succeed in the art of female seduction.

So, make sure your hair is well cut, you use deodorant and you're simply smelling nice and keep in mind most women love aftershave!.Be a Gentleman.One of the greatest assets in female seduction is manners.

don't think that all women are into women's liberation, their not.Most women like a gentleman.You will find opening doors, taking her coat, being on time and generally being attentive, goes a long way and is much more important than many men think.

The above show that you are making the best of what you have and that you care about yourself and your partner.Women love this and while personality doesn't make up for looks every time it can make a women sit up and take notice.On the other hand, no matter how good looking you are, if you are seen as arrogant, uncaring and someone who does not take pride in your appearance it will put a women who may have initially liked you off.Go slowly.With female seduction never underestimate the fact that women want to be loved and cared for.Women get turned on by the mind as much as the body.

When you and your partner are getting along fine and you want to make your move to turn the relationship into something further, don't be too pushy or to quick.Women enjoy sex, but don't like to think you're pushy or after one thing, so wait a while until she is comfortable and you may find the fact your patient sees her make the first move.Remember to be loving and use foreplay.

Ok, so now you both want to take the relationship further and you want to make love. When considering female seduction don't be to pushy or appear your after only sex, she will be instantly put off.Make her feel special, make her feel wanted and appreciated.Female seduction is all about foreplay lots of kissing, cuddling and going slowly.

In the bedroom men have very few erogenous zones women have loads (apart form the obvious ones) explore her body tenderly.Erogenous zones to consider include, the inner thigh, neck, small of the back, wrists, shoulders and feet.Women like to take it much more slowly than men and again the thought that their really appreciated will make them feel you're a special guy.Sex is only part of the equation!.The sex act to men is far more important to women who enjoy sex but like lots of foreplay to make them feel special.

The big point to remember with female seduction is RESPECT for your women in all the areas above.Try and be as considerate as you can and you will impress your partner with caring side, which all women like to see.These tips for female seduction will help you get a relationship and build on it. Good luck!.


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By: Sacha Tarkovsky


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Female Seduction What Women Expect and How To Succeed With Them - Men tend to be more easily aroused than women, for female seduction men need to take an approach that is subtle as women tend not to want to jump straight into bed.

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