Abandoning Atmospheric Satellites

With all the budget cuts we seem to be cutting some things, which we are going to need in the future; things like NASA Atmospheric Satellites for instance. When we ditch important research like this we lessen our chances of better understanding the world we live in and we are less likely to find ways and solutions to protect the American People from harm. Now some people may not like the data coming back from such satellites, me included, yet let me tell you it is better to know what we are dealing with than to be guessing and do something which we will be sorry for in the future.For instance if we believe that global warming is occurring and it turns out to be a natural cycle and occurrence then we may end up destroying the world's economies unnecessarily when all that we are proposing will not make any difference, thus our weakened state may prevent us from better preparing our civilization for future issues which are so likely to occur. Additionally if human activity is causing much of the climate shift, well then we need to know that too, even if we sit on our fannies and do nothing about it.Since Hurricane Season is almost here wouldn't it make more sense to have all the possible data available to us to help us understand, predict and potentially eventually defeat these storms? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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