An Article About Fear

From my understanding, there are 2 types of fears: psychological and instinctive. Psychological fear is the type that is borne out of our mental processes. Instinctive fears are those reactive emotions that are inherently linked to our physical survival.

When a psychological fear arises, should we fear it?.When we fear Fear, will we be still in fear? When we fear Fear are we avoiding something?.Here's my opinion on this matter:.To me, fearing of Psychological Fear is still a fear.

Fear, to me, is the feeling of the unknown.and a strong desire of anticipation. It is an emotion of something (that is deep within us) that wishes to be 'discovered' and made conscious. So, perhaps, by relaxing deeper into the fear, we may eventually feel/remember its cause or a deeper feeling. The problem is that we hate feeling fear and will usually avoid it.

There is nothing wrong with this. It is just that instead of finding the source; we tend to quickly brush it away from our conscious awareness. By doing so, we have reburied the feelings and potential causes back into the subconscious mind.Psychological Fear in its various degrees, to me, is the potential for further understanding of something yet unknown.

It is that when the something has not been discovered yet and the anticipation causes fear. So fear can be considered an indicator emotion. It indicates to us what we need to know about a situation or ourselves.OK, here's the metaphysical part about the underlying dynamics of our consciousness (as I understand it).Our consciousness includes 2 aspects: The personality and the subconscious mind. The personality is the conscious portion of us.

It has active participation with the world. The subconscious mind is the aspect that we are not consciously aware of. It is the unknown aspect of us hidden from our active awareness.The personality and the subconscious mind work in partnership. The personality is the conscious expressed aspect which receives impressions/thoughts from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind becomes aware of the outcome (which is the personality) and throws back feedback (intuition/answers) into the personality/conscious mind. There is this constant 'back and forth' activity between personality and subconscious mind.Applying this above-mentioned theory; we can see that psychological fears perhaps have their roots in our subconscious mind. And if we try to understand them and give them time to make themselves be understood, fears can actually tell us more about ourselves.For your necessary discernment.

Thank you for reading.

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By: Shen Gerald


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