Another Reason to Dump All World Religions in the Present Period

We see in the world culture clashes and even wars fought over religions and religious literature with vengeance. But why? If all these religions are so old and we humans knew so little back then, wouldn't ya say it is time to upgrade the human species a tad and well ditch all religion in the present period so we can maintain a steady clip of forward progression in the human race into the next period. I am serious.Why not just get rid of all of it. Silly humans wake up, you are killing each other over some old wives tales and folklore which they made up to control your ancestors. Those people who made it all up are all dead now, you don't have to follow all that piddly dribble any longer? Wake up and take a gander outside the cave.

It is way to stuff in there with all the flickering lights, fog and smoke.As we watch the massive slaughter of entire third world countries over a belief in a good, witch doctor, voodoo doll or even various factions of Islam itself, doesn't it seem rather odd, that so many religions have been the previous fiber holding people together? Why are we even allowing such disruptive thought in the world? Why do we allow people to kill their neighbors over something that was written by men to control other men 3000 years ago? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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