Are We Humans Really The Masters Of This Planet

Are we humans beings really the masters of this planet? Do we have the authority to self-righteously assume global dominance? The following article is my view to the questions. It is certainly not definitive. It is just an expression of my own thoughts and opinions.In my opinion, perhaps we should not assume that our species is central to the world and planet at large. A human economic system should ideally also take into account the well being of the entire ecosystem, which is body of Mother Earth. I will tend to regard the Mother Earth as a living consciousness with her various elements (water, air, wildlife, etc) constantly seeking to remain in harmonious equilibrium.

Come to think of it, isn't this quite like the way the body of a living being functions?.Perhaps, economy should not be about humans for humans only. We tend to see 'less-than-holistically' and believe that money-making has little or nothing to do with the welfare of our Mother Earth and the ecosystem. But the fact is we humans do take sustenance from the atmosphere, animal and plant kingdoms; therefore we are dependent upon other species and resources on Earth. As such, human activities should be accounted for within a equation that does not place the human species upon a pedestal (which is being treated as superior); but rather assigns the 'so-called intelligent biped' objectively with other species and elements of this diverse planet. In my opinion, the current human activities are simply too self-absorbed within our own kind.

The truth of things is that everything, 'however insignificant it may appear to be, is in actual fact, unique. "Feeling special" and "above others" are simply beliefs concocted by the human psyche, and have relevance only in a human society.Holistic & equitable replenishment & redistribution amongst all elements and species on Earth should be the a central theme for sustainable living, instead of the human biased "competitive" model. I feel that perhaps recycling of used materials may not be enough. Humans, being the so-called intelligent life form on Earth should actively develop sciences that deal with replenishment of plants, animal kingdoms and elements, keeping resources in equilibrium.To achieve all that, perhaps the very mindset that first sets competition in motion has to be re-evaluated.

Well, this ideal is certainly easier said than done.Thank you for reading. I hope it has been interesting for you.

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By: Shen Gerald


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