Army Family Team Building

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is a volunteer-led organization. The purpose is to provide training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the total Army effort. Strong families are the pillar of support behind strong Soldiers. It is AFTB's mission to educate and train all of the Army in knowledge, skills, and behaviors designed to prepare our Army families to move successfully into the future.

AFTB contributes to the Army mission by educating and training the Army family to be self-sufficient leaders within their communities. There are three levels of training provided. AFTB Level I will focus on the basic skills and knowledge needed to live the military life. Level II allows the participant to grow into a community leader.

Finally, Level III goes into inspiring and mentoring others into leadership positions.Army Family Team Building is a part of Army Community Services, under the umbrella of Morale, Welfare, & Recreation. AFTB classes are usually held on post. They are free to the military service member and dependent.

You can also take free classes online at

There is a class available to become an AFTB Core Instructor, should you be interested.AFTB Level I training includes:
? Expectations and Impact of the Mission on Family Life
? Military Acronyms and Terms
? The Chain of Command
? Introduction to Military Customs and Courtesies
? Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements
? Introduction to Military and Civilian Community Resources
? Introduction to Family Readiness Groups
? Supporting Your Child's Education
? Introduction to Family Financial Readiness
? Basic Problem Solving.AFTB Level II training includes:
? Enhancing Relationship Building
? Introduction to Effective Leadership
? Volunteer Management
? Communication
? Conflict Management
? Understanding Needs
? Crisis and Grieving
? Group Dynamics
? Change Management
? Stress Management
? Intermediate Problem Solving
? Time Management
? Meeting Management
? Networking with Community Agencies
? Building a Resource Library
? Family Readiness Groups
? Military Grade and Command Structure
? Benefits, Entitlements, and Compensation
? Traditions, Customs, and Protocol.AFTB Level III training includes:
? Listening Skills
? Building Self-Esteem
? Personality Traits
? Motivating Factors
? Leadership Skills
? Building A Cohesive Team
? Leader Roles
? Group Conflict Management
? Problem Solving Techniques for Leaders
? Developing Presentations
? Planning and Conducting Workshops
? Understanding the organization of the total Army
? Political issues and the Army
? Effective Public/Media Relations.AFTB is fun, informative, and well worth the cost (it's free). Where else would you get this sort of training absolutely free? AFTB provides thousands of dollars worth of training at absolutely no cost to the military member and dependent.

All it takes is a phone call to your local post or visiting the AFTB website. There are currently 221 active programs world-wide with more than 20,000 volunteers and paid staff all with one commitment at heart: Connecting Families to the Army ?.One Class at a Time! Source: Army Family Team Building.

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By: Tara Crooks


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