Breaking Up Is Hard To Do BreakUp Survival Tips

Some people can get over break-ups easier than others but most people will go through one or all of these stages:.Anger, sadness or possibly denial.Everyone deals with his or her emotions differently. Having some remedies handy will help you to get through it the best way you possibly can.There are some that might suggest throwing caution to the wind by eating entire pints of ice cream, drinking tequila shots, shop till you drop therapy.But others offer more practical advice like getting out with friends or practicing yoga.

See which break-up antidotes will work for you.1. Get a makeover. Try something different than what you have ever looked like before.2. Use his picture as a dartboard.

Get that anger out!.3. Going out to eat with friends.4. See a psychic just for the fun of it.

5. Get a totally hot new outfit.6. Learn something NEW - Pole dancing, crocheting, skydiving, whatever.7. Go to the gym, workout, burn off anger and get really buff doing it.

8. Take a mini vacation if you can. Something as simple as getting away for a weekend can refresh you while helping you to see that this is for the best.9. If you cannot get away for a vacation then use self tanner to look like you did.

You will look totally hot and every one will think you went on a vacation to the Bahamas or somewhere else great.10. Curl up with a blanket and let yourself cry but for no longer than 60 minutes. Then get up, dry your tears and get on with getting over him.11. Get a cool new hairstyle.

Try a totally different color with the corresponding make up changes. If your hair is long then consider a short haircut for something completely different. You will have heads turning!.12. Go ahead and do something that he always HATED to do. If he hated to do the things you used to love and you stopped doing them to make him happy then start enjoying them again.

Remember; do not give up the things you love for anyone. You lose a part of yourself when you do that. No man is worth giving up what makes you happy.13. Get dressed to the nines, go out and then Flirt Like Crazy just because you can!.14.

Indulge in eating a pint of ice cream.15. Clean Clean Clean! It gets your mind off him, burns energy and you have a super clean home for your efforts.16. CHOCOLATE! - Need I say more?.17.

Tell him you lied when you told him that he was the best you have ever had?.18. Long walks on the beach.19. Learn Yoga.

20. Try to remember that some people are in our life for a reason - to teach us something. Maybe he has taught you all that he was supposed to and now you can find the person you are meant to be with.In conclusion, although breaking up is hard to do you will get through this and usually your life will end up better for it.

That which does not kill us will make us stronger. This too shall pass.Yes, these are all clichés but they have been around for years and that is because they are true and they work.Like the old song says "I will Survive!" Yes, you really will.

.Michael Russell.

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By: Michael Russell


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