Do You Bottle Your Feelings

Behind any negative thought or belief is highly charged emotional energy. In other words, feelings are emotional energy. Most of us were taught by society and our parents that is it not okay to express our feelings or even to experience them. Can you relate to this? How many times have you felt sad, angry, or any other negative emotion and then beat yourself up for even feeling it? How many times have you invalidated yourself for feeling somewhat emotional? Are you emotional when alone and when interacting with others? Do you find yourself feeling guilty or embarrassed about it later? If you do, perfect! This information will benefit you.Most people's emotions are to some degree stifled or repressed.

We are simply taught to push them down, ignore them, and "put on a good front" when inside there is deep turmoil. Again this is often unconscious. It is a learned habit to become numb. Did you ever hear "stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about" as a child? Even if it wasn't in those exact words, can you feel the energy behind it? the energy of anger frustration? dissatisfaction?.In that very moment of being told to stop crying, you literally learned that it is not okay to express your emotions.

This can be reinforced over and over throughout childhood. It only takes one initial demonstration by anyone to learn a belief before the age of 7. Emotional energy is actually very simple and it is a natural part of being human.

We are meant to be able to release our emotions. It is absolutely impossible to bottle your feelings and expect that they will just disappear. It is extremely unrealistic; it is not the way the body works.

Imagine a volcano or a wave. There is pressure building and building in both situations. At some point, the pressure peaks and goes through a process of release.

The volcano erupts, and the wave crashes. Soon after, in both cases there is a settling that happens. Human emotions are the same way.

Emotions are energy in motion.

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By: Marnina Reid


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