Dow Drops More Due to Politics in Bolivia than Illegal Immigration Protests

The day of the so-called Massive Boycott, Protests and Marches on Illegal Immigration did little if anything to impress financial markets. In fact the stock market did not even budge and only moved at the end of the day on other World Financial News and Events. So, the illegal aliens attempted to show us their massive buying power and boycott, but they failed miserably and proved that they do not contribute to our economy as much as they say they did. So, is all this some sort of media hyped lie?.Many studies actually show that illegal aliens are a net draw or negative on our economy by over 70 Billion Dollars annually is government services.

So the reality of all this is that the United States would be money ahead to bite the bullet now round up all the illegal aliens and throw them the heck out of the country. Cost? Well, about 5 Billion to deport 80% of them.But judging from the numbers we would have a net gain of 56 Billion next fiscal year in doing so you see? So, my question is now; what are we waiting for. The Illegal Aliens argued that they were contributing and that without them we could not run our nation. They failed to show us anything but the obvious.Okay, thanks for the lesson in fašades and myth building, now we need to show them that we are not going to put up with these lies or the drain on our government's budget.

Thanks for your Demo. So, we must kick them all out now. Perhaps they just should have been quiet, but now that we know the truth, we need to do the most rational thing. Throw them out along with anyone in Congress who supports illegal aliens. Consider this in 20006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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