Eliminate Distractions and Get More Done

5 Ways to Eliminate Distractions and Get More Done Now!
.1. Know a distraction when you hear it, see it or feel it.Some distractions are simply interruptions. "The average American worker is interrupted six times per hour" (Arizona Republic, 10/3/99).

Think about it: If each interruption eats five minutes, you could squander four-hours each day. Think about the phone calls, e-mails and other tasks that pull you away from your main focus. By acknowledging these events as "distractions" you can control them rather than letting them control you.

2. Multi-task in moderation.Resist multi-tasking and save time. "Workers' productivity decreases by 20 to 40% every time they multitask" (University of Michigan in 2001).

Each time your concentration is broken you have to spend time retracing your steps getting back where you started. Allow yourself to concentrate on one task at a time.

3. De-clutter your space.Clear your workspace before beginning a task. Move non-essential papers out of sight.

Make room for your ideas and get rid of anything that will draw you away from your main focus.

De-clutter your schedule.Are you reacting to issues as they arise? Is your "to do" list endless? Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Each day choose three to five tasks you'd feel good about accomplishing. And take the time to streamline your activities.

When possible, group similar activities together. Instead of running one errand, group and complete them when you will already be out of the office. Instead of checking e-mail messages as they come in, set aside a half hour to handle them all at once.

5. De-clutter your mind.Fight the urge to work faster: Save time by slowing down. Try this at the beginning of the day, when you feel overwhelmed or low on energy and before you begin a new task.

Meditate, go for a walk, or just take a few long deep breaths to clear your mind. Give yourself permission to have the time you need to do what's important. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Gina Gray, of Simply Organized Solutions (, specializes in helping small business owners manage paper, time and space through consulting, training and hands-on organizing. Simply Organized Solutions will help you eliminate feelings of overwhelm and focus on what you do best! If you struggle with disorganization or are reasonably organized Simply Organized Solutions can help you achieve more with less effort. Gina Gray is the Vice President of COPO (Colorado Professional Organizers) and an active member of NAPO Colorado (National Association of Professional Organizers).

By: Gina Gray


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