Globalization and Emerging Technologies Today

An article I read by Anders Lotsson, Buisness2 magazine, provided and inside look at what emerging technologies are doing and were they are sprouting. What caught my attention was the section on Alternative Energy and how globalization, outsourcing and telecommunications are shaping the business world and touching remote areas providing a helping hand and changing lives.Colombia is such an example, where a local and remote village, Las Gaviotas, has adopted biofuels, specifically biodiesel produced from palms utilized in modified engines. The region avoids erosion though the coconut plantation and benefits the local economy by the production of local biofuel. The dramatic reductions in fossil fuel costs have had a beneficial impact on the region. This has been possible by the ingenuity and support from Scientist from the University of Colorado (U.

S.). Currently, 400,000 gallons of biofuel keep the economy in motion without the dependence on fossil fuels and associated pollution.Iceland, is leading the implementation of hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

They are the proud owners of the First Hydrogen fueling station. In Reykjavik they have put the hype into action were the city buses only emission is water. A joint operation between Shell Netherlands and Iceland's New Energy spearhead the venture. Iceland' ambicious goal is to be non-fossil fuel dependent by 2050.

Australia, is taking advantage of the sun. In Newington Village, a town of merely 5000 inhabitants is capturing solar energy and powering up to 50 percent from this renewable source. One fifth of the homes currently have solar roofing providing an average of $600 savings from homeowner's electricity bills. It is estimated that Globally the Solar industry will be worth $30Billion by 2010. Amongst the top players are Evergreen Solar (U.

S) and Solar Technology (Australia).Over-viewing the global scenario (US Energy Admin. 2002), alternative energy for electricity generation is taking hold.

Primary Hotspots include south America countries of Brazil, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay; the central-south African countries of Namibia, Gahanna, Zambia, Zaire, Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Lesotho region in S. Africa; Within the European region Spain, Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland, Lithuania, Albania, Georgia and Azerbaijan; and the Asian front the countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Kyrgyz Stan, Tadzhiki Stan, and Laos. Amazingly, these hotspot countries generate 81-100 percent of the electricity via alternative sources. Shamefully, for the US, our efforts are still negligible.

The only constraint for Alternative Sources of Energy, with the advent of globalization, is our ongoing commitment to the cause of building a better future for our communities..

.Adriana Sanchez Gomez is an environmental writer and the publisher of Eco-Connections Blog. She is the Founder and CEO of Energy Consultants- Renewable Energy Specialists, breaching frontiers. To Learn more about The author, products, services or read additional articles go to: http://www., or call 1888-818-5711/6.

By: Adriana Sanchez Gomez


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