Growing Older or Getting Older

An issue that affects many of my advisees in the home business field--you are going to think this has nothing to do with home business, but I assure you it does--is the aging issue. If anything is certain, aging is but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. On this planet, we need to plan on getting old.

Every hour, every minute, every second, we get older. This is one thing that we cannot avoid. Whether we like it or not, our age will change.Even though we can change our appearance, our age will never go down but always goes up.

But there is an issue of getting older. I would like to ask the question what is the real difference between getting old and growing old. If we don't look past the surface of the words, we cannot see the difference between these two concepts, but if we would truly understand their meaning, we can see a clear picture of what this really means.What does getting old mean? It simply means that you are getting older based on your age. As it is said, every minute of your day you are getting older. You cannot alter that process.

Many people will use artificial faces or some additional features in their body in the effort to look young, but they cannot change their real age. If they are age 60, then so be it. Numbers don't lie. This type of maturing can't positively affect your ability to be an effective home business person; it can't help you to improve your business affairs in any appreciable way whatever.

Now what does it mean to grow old? Growing old, for me, is different. It is more particularly based upon the maturity of your thinking. Even if you are only 20 years old, but your maturity can be based on that of 30 years old, then it simply means that you are mature enough in terms of thinking. What does it imply? People should learn as they grow.

There are some people who are in their 40's, but by the way that they look at things, they are children in the mental sense. Where is maturity appropriated? Maturity is developed through proper learning and experience. We should not think as immature beings, but we should think as mature individuals.By this mode of being, we can learn how to interact with other people, understand their situations, see positive business opportunities, and we can learn how to appreciate even simple things.

That is maturity. By growing old, we can be assured that we will succeed in everything that we do, because it is only in maturity that a person can discover his true potential.


Clive Green is a writer with expertise in the fields of self-improvement, real estate and finance. Look here for home business opportunities.

By: Clive Green


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