Hamas Will Not Yield to Israeli Tanks

With rocket fire exchanges and the recent execution of an Israeli who was kidnapped it looks as if both sides are upping the escalation. Hamas is determined not to give into the Israelis demands for peace and Israel has done air strikes on a power plant and bridge and lined up troops on its border.Now Israeli tanks are on their way into take care of business. Hamas, the International Terrorist organization, which is partly funded by Iran and is now being assisted by Syrian troops swears to fight on, even under extreme pressures from the advancing Israeli tanks. Will Iran and Syria back up Hamas as promised or will they chicken out and scatter and retreat to their boisterous selves in the media with more sound and fury than brains?.What happens next will indeed determine the future of how the bigger picture leading up to World War III develops.

The Israelis are serious and putting more troops and tanks into Gaza and the situation is really looking like a war zone indeed.Is Israel wishing to move the war agenda forward and have an excuse to attack Iran who is supporting Hamas? Could be, as the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons, presumably to use on Israel first.Either way both sides are supposedly attempting to talk, but that is rather tough as hostages are killed on one side and the tanks roll in on the other. Please consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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