I Hate

One of the worst things a person can do is to hate, not because whatever they hate does not deserve it, they may very well deserve all of that any more. But the reason hate is so bad is that it can consume a person's will and define their motivations and thus become a dead end problem for them, one which they may not be able to recover from you see?.So, if you must hate something or someone, keep it to a minimum and focus on your objectives, the goal line and the common good.

Do not let hate rip you apart. Revenge maybe a good motivator and it is indeed part of the human psyche and an innate characteristic, but you would be better off if you used it less and focused on your goals in a more positive way.Hate leads to anger and it can set you off track to accomplishing your goals in life and well that makes no sense.

Why would you choose to hate, when you could instead become great? Stop hating and start living and moving your life forward, no sense in being motivated by rage and anger, which could lead to negative acts or even violence you see?.Instead of allow your anger at events control your mind use those chemicals in your brain to motivate self to achieve. If you have rage, anger and hate, turn it into a positive and use it to become great. Consider this in 2006.


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