Inner Power Awareness

"We have learned that power is a positive force if it is used for positive purpose." Elizabeth Dole.From the moment that we are born we have advantages over other animal species.

Why? We have being given the gift of reasoning. It is the cause why we are not still living in the wild competing with other species for survival. Therefore these traits make us powerful beings. We can realize whatever our minds can imagine. Notice how we differ from the other species.

Notice how our ancestors used caves for shelter. Now, we are far from the cave days and as time progresses the more we will continue to advance. Give it some though, look at all the technological advances in your home now. In fact you are most likely reading this article from your computer thru an internet connection. Okay now, before I get too excited listing all our advances as a species let me get straight to the point:.

Motivated individuals used their intelligence to create or invent great resources for everyone. This makes individuals such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell etc. powerful beings; they chose to use their power (intelligence) for positive causes. So now, that you are aware of this. Don't you think you have some of that genius in you too? Don't you believe that you can reach what your mind imagines and the heart desires? Well, I do not know what you think but I believe that you have the power to accomplish it.Hitler and Osama Bin Laden are leaders whether we like to admit it or not.

They used their power to persuade others. The problem lies not in the power but in what they chose to do with it (destruction). Just like them you are powerful too. However it is up to you: if you are going to waste it, use it for a negative purpose, or simply create the life that you want. In the end it all comes down to you!.

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By: Kenia Morales


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