Lack of Integrity

Have you noticed the lack of personal integrity out there lately? What a farce to think that you can trust a human? You cannot trust them; they promise you stuff that they never intended to do and know that it was a lie from the very beginning. The lack of integrity goes deep into our society, churches, schools, businesses, sports teams, non-profits and even government.We read in our papers Congressmen, former war heroes who drive Rolls Royce Cars and have their houses paid off by government contractors, we see FBI agents lying in courts and Border Patrol Agents who allow drugs to come into our nation? We have Corporate Titans being convicted of Fraud and telling us they are not guilty but God has a plan? What on Earth is going on with the lack of integrity?.Now if it were any other nation like in the Middle East, Mexico, Russia, South America, Africa, Asia, I would expect it, but surely here in the United States of America, we can do better than this can't we? There is an answer to this and it is getting back to basics and rewarding those who achieve and do what they say they will do.

We must make honor and integrity a strong point in our nation for each and every individual. We must warn people of shameful shortcuts, which cut into the integrity of one's personal character. We must teach this to our kids and lead by example, that is what I think.

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By: Lance Winslow


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