Lance Rants Against Intervention in Iran

Iran is developing nuclear weapons now, they say as a deterrent. Do you believe this? Or do you believe their other statements that they promise to blow Israel off the map, as that sounds a little more offensive than any sort of defensive deterrent doesn't it? Well doesn't it? Now the opponents to intervention state things such as;."Why do you want innocent people in the Middle East to die.

Don't you realize that their friends and families will then become enemies?".If we allow Fanatical Iranian leadership to further pollute the minds of the masses in Iran, they will become our enemy anyway. 60% of the people voted for this nut case so perhaps not so innocent? And I am advocating destroying 2/3 of their army, all military assets, and nuclear weapons manufacturing because they have already promised to use them against Israel and have purchased Chinese made rocket platforms to deliver them. You see we must act, it is foolish not to.

Iran has already proven its self to be a fundamental regime, which is corrupt and border lining on the lunatic, fanatical fringe. If sit around and do nothing until that fateful day when we see a mushroom cloud over a major civilian population, then what good are we? So, we should all consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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