Lance Rants on Iranian Leadership Fear Tactics

We must continue to work very hard to keep diplomatic talks open with the Iranian leadership and they play their cards at the negotiation tables and ramp up their rhetoric. The Iranian leadership is trying to embolden its masses to join together and support them and they are plying for the Muslim fundamentalists to join them in their efforts to build up their military.We must use all diplomatic efforts possible to prevent a war between Iran and Israel or the manufacturing of nuclear weapons by Iran. We must not leave the negotiation table even though it is nearly impossible to negotiate with Terrorists and we know it.

Indeed so do they and they are using these international threats to manipulate fear on their negotiators, it is a game also used by the Russians during the Reagan area.Yet at the same time we cannot support a nation which promises to blow Israel off the map, sends insurgents into Iraq to slow progress and kill American Soldiers, Supports international terrorist organizations, buys high-tech ICBM missile platforms and then works to build nuclear warheads to put on top of them while they levy Economic war on Western World Oil, threaten Western World with terrorist strikes on civilian populations if we or any one else tries to stop them from building nuclear warheads, suitcase nukes or cargo container nuclear bombs.


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By: Lance Winslow


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