Lance Rants on Palestinian Charges Against Israelis

You know if Israel were my Nation and folks were coming in and to kill my people and strapping bombs to themselves in such murderous acts, I do not hesitate to consider what I would do. I can tell you if this was happening in the United States what we would do and what would have to be done to protect the American People. Yet many believe that it is Israel who is at fault and that the poor little Palestinians who "Hate" with every ounce of their being all Jews are justified in killing innocent civilians. In fact these pro-Hamas International Terrorists supporters of the Palestinian People state things such as;.

"Israel has been doing the same by confiscating Palestinians' land yet USA is not willing to do anything about this".Well when Israel has returned shared settled land and removed settlers does recently, but did that stop the suicide bombers or International Terrorism? The Palestinian's are uncontrollable and now in charge; the international terrorist party of Hamas. Do you really believe that they will stop the suicide bombings? When Israel gave back land last time did the bombings stop? No, well yes for two-weeks. Those who side with the Palestinians seem to have a selective memory and their attempt at history is alarming. Let's consider the facts, all the facts and think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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