Lance Rants on the Fact that the Iranian Leadership Thinks Americans are Weak

The Iranian Leadership is escalating the rhetoric and building up for war with modern high-tech Chinese and Russian weapons, but why? Why now? Why does Iran want a war? Why does Iran want nuclear weapons? Why does Iran sponsor International Terrorism? Why is Iran sending insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops? And most importantly why is the United States allowing the Iranians to build Atomic Bombs?.I think my response is why is America suddenly so weak to back track on their ideals. Why is the American Public so afraid to do the right thing when it really matters? Why are some Americans so willing to watch and wait and watch the decline of the free world, and watch the continuing of International Terrorists attacks to human civilian populations. I guess what I wonder is why do you want people to die, while the whole world watches it happen, because you were weak and afraid. Thus letting the problem fester until it is so big it cannot be stopped? Why do you want to allow innocent people to die? Why?.

Let's face facts; Iran is not building Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Warheads for a deterrent as they attempt to purport. And Iran has publicly stated it had signed up more than 200 suicide martyrs to join in International Terrorism to attack Western Targets. So, either we take care of this problem or a whole lot of innocent people are going to die for our failure to intervene. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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