Lance Rants What Can the United States Do about the Iranian Nuclear Crisis

Some people actually believe that the United States Military is so over extended that it cannot do anything about the Iranian nuclear crisis. In fact they believe that the United States is bankrupt from the Iraq War? Not so, in fact in 70 hours we could eliminate all Iranian military assets in an airstrike, trust me.If we pre-empt now with a might blow to the Iranian military we can prevent WW III, if we wait someone or city will be blown off the map. It will not be my city and probably not yours Andy, but someone's city and everyone who lives there, vaporized.

You cannot negotiate with International Terrorists. You cannot and should not try to get them to love you. Feared and Respected is the most you can hope for, so, with all this known, the play now is to pre-empt, it is the only solution now. Too bad it had to come to this? Cham, you know LA is on their list of hopeful targets, but chances are it would be an East Coast city in the US and of course Israel will be hit first off. Silly to think you can prevent WW III by twiddling your thumbs? Humans never learn, Carl von Clauswitz warned us centuries the prior.We must pre-empt Iran and take out 2/3 of its army, all its military assets and use nuclear bunker busters to completely remove its nuclear weapons manufacturing set up.

We must tell all nations to stand down or we stop buying from them and do what we must do. Kick Iran out of the Nuclear Club, using a big stick. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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