Learn How To Make FEAR Your Ally

Do you fear the unknown? Or perhaps you are completely aware of the things that make you fearful. Did you know that fear is the major cause of failure? It is not failure itself or the action taken to pursue an idea or dream, but the inaction that is the result of fear.It is human nature to try to control the various aspects of life yet, fear is often allowed to wrest the control away. Why give anything that kind of power over your life? Isn?t it time to stop letting fear hinder you from doing, being, or achieving what you desire? When fear is holding you back from what you really want, it is time to face it head on and move through it. How can fear be overcome? Actually it is not as difficult as it may initially look.First, please realize that Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real! Knowing that it is false is the key that shifts the power back to you and puts that ball back in your court.

The thing that moves you to take "action", so that you can face your fear, brings it to light and causes its power to dissipate. Confidence is built up and the fear is transformed into excitement, which brings you that much closer to success.There are five steps that can be taken to cross the barrier from fearful to fearless:.? First, identify the fear or fears. Make sure you are aware of the entire situation. It is not uncommon for more than one fear to be at the root of a problem, or a fear from long ago resurfacing to couple with a new one.

? Second, identify what is holding your back from being, doing, or having whatever it is that is desired. You need a clear understanding of what must be overcome in order for you to successfully combat it.? Third, identify what you would do if you didn't have that fear.

Visualize what your life would be like if this albatross did not exist. How would you feel? How many more opportunities would be available to you? How many more adventures would exist? How much happier would you be?.? Fourth, identify situations when you faced fear and successfully moved beyond it. With a little thought everyone can identify situations where they moved beyond a fear, to reach a desired outcome.

A fear of change (a new relationship, a new job, graduation, a wedding, etc.) where you faced your dragon and triumphed! Maybe a little corny, but you get the gist! Use these times as touchstones you carry in your pocket to remind you that you can do this again.? Fifth, identify the qualities in you that helped you succeed. These are the qualities that are the foundation for your success, and typically the foundation for you as a person.Qualities such as tenacity, integrity, zeal, confidence, and being able to see the big picture, to name a few.Spencer knew that it was time to strike out on his own.

He had a business plan, had been putting away funds for his home-based business dream for years, and even had the support of his wife. But there was one thing holding him back - fear! Spencer has always had an overwhelming fear of public-speaking and knew that he had to overcome this fear if he was to make a success of his business idea. Spencer decided to try to put the five steps to work. He acknowledged the fear of public speaking, but realized that he was most afraid of looking like a fool. Next, he came to grips with the fact that his fear had cost him a lot.In addition to not starting his home-based business, his inaction caused the delay to be placed on starting a family.

He then thought about what his life would be like if these fears were not part of the picture. He would have had his own successful business, would probably be a parent, and most likely would have the home that he and Sheila had been talking about for years. He knew that public speaking was a surmountable fear because he had had success with several others over the years. When he identified the previous fears, he decided to call on the qualities that had helped him with those. Determination, stubbornness, the desire to succeed, loyalty, honesty, and intellect had all come into play. He knew that these were the basis for achieving victory.

When he looked at where he was, where he wanted to be and how he had attained success in the past, things began to click for Spencer. He knew that he had to sign up for a public speaking class, had to make sure he felt knowledgeable about his subject matter, and that he had to start putting a plan together immediately so that he could start applying his newly learned skills to his dream. He was driven to take the "Pause" button off of his life.

So, how are you letting your fears stop you? How can you take the Pause button off of YOUR life? What are some of the qualities that you have drawn upon in the past to overcome your fears and reach your dreams? Now is the time. Seize control of your life again.Remember to focus on the end result - the success! Use visualization to get into the feeling place of how great it is, how successful you are, how easy it becomes and how joyful it is for you. So you CAN stop thinking of fear as your enemy, remembering that it is only false evidence appearing as real, and embrace it as an ally!.


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By: Eva Gregory


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