Military Trucks and Abatement of Enemy Convoys

In war time it is essential to cut the supply lines of your enemy so they have no way to move, no ammo to fight and no food to eat. This way they cannot shoot at you, are half starved and sitting ducks so you can annihilate them of course. All is fair in love and war of course, not going to sugar coat it for you; you must take out the enemy.

Generally the way we delete enemy convoys is by use of attack aircraft and we have some good ones for that indeed like the Attack Helicopters and the A-10, however if you take out your enemy while on a two lane road, now they are blocking the road making it difficult to pass and this is not good for your troops at all. Abatement of Enemy Convoys must be done in such a way not inflict incapacitation without blockage for your movements.Simply blowing them up indeed makes not a lot of sense from a logistical standpoint. What would be best is if they just parked all the vehicles off on the shoulder of the road, left the keys in them and conveniently disappeared forever.Therefore the closest we can get to that scenario the better also those vehicles once captures could indeed prove valuable for later negotiation, sale, spare parts or even target practice. I propose an electromagnetic pulse to kill all organic life in those convoys without putting debris and shrapnel all over the roadway.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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