My Body and Me Skit and Discussion Questions

Scene: I am sitting in a chair pretending to work and my body comes in and sits next to me.Me: Hey, Who are you? Why are you here?( Irritated).My Body: I'm your body - nice to meet you. (Happy - shakes hands).

Me: Ok -you answered the first question - Now, Why are you here? (Frustrated).My Body: Well, I just thought I would stop by - I haven't seen you in a while and I thought we could chat.Me: I don't have time now -I am busy (annoyed).My Body: What are you busy doing? (eager to get involved).Me: If you must know I am working on an assignment for class.

Well, actually I am procrastinating. (irritated).My Body: What is your assignment about? Can I help? (interested).Me: NO!!!! (mad).My Body: Why not? (concerned).

Me: Because, the assignment is about you! Are you happy now? (angered).My Body: If the assignment is about me, then I should get to help, you owe me that much. (frustrated).Me: What do you mean, I owe you? (mad).My Body: Let's see (pause) You let people laugh at me, you treated me badly, you covered me up, you were not proud of me? Do you need more?.Me: No, No I get the point - I am proud of you ok- Now, will you go away?.

My Body: NO!!! You have ignored me long enough. We have lost a lot of years and anyway, you used to be so much fun. (mad and frustrated).

Me: Oh yea, When was that? (irritated).My Body: When you were a little girl and you played dress up and went roller skating. (concerned).Me: Well, I am not a little girl anymore.

(angered).My Body: Yea, I have noticed, (frustrated).Me: What is that supposed to mean? (angered).My Body: Oh -Nothing (gives up).

Me: Come on, tell me, I am listening, I promise. (interested).My Body: It is just that you are so concerned about covering me up and trying to make there be less of me that you don't even notice how beautiful I am.

(frustrated).Me: Yea, I notice, I just don't like to make a big deal about you. (lowers head).My Body: You are ashamed of me! (angered, raise voice a bit).Me: I am not! (defensive).My Body: Then why, may I ask, did you try to cover me up when you started showing me off to people? (frustrated).

Me: That was my first time showing you off. I was scared, but it has gotten easier. (hopeful).

My body: Yea, you still hurry and put on your sweatshirt when you get uncomfortable. (still a bit frustrated).Me: People whistle at you (scared).My Body: Yea, and your point? (puzzled).Me: I was embarrassed for you and I wanted to protect you. (concerned).

My Body: Why did you want to protect me? (puzzled).Me: What if a young man thought you were beautiful enough to talk to and come over? (worried).My Body: I would stand there looking beautiful and you would talk to him. (confident).Me: What would I say? I am not very interesting.

What if I talk too much? What if he comes over and says "Forget it, you are not worth it." (really worried).My Body: Then it would be his loss. (consoling).Me: Why do you like to show your self off anyway? (questioning look).My Body: Have you missed the point of the whole conversation?? (a bit irritated).

Me: Apparently! (angered and upset).My Body: There is nothing I need to be ashamed of, and you should not be ashamed for being with me. ( a bit defensive).Me: Even after the way I treated you?.My Body: We all make mistakes and the good thing is that you are building me back up.

(excited).Me: I am trying, it is not easy though. ( concerned).

My Body: I know, I haven't bitten anyone's head off in a while and I have more energy. When you get to know me better then you can show me off more. (encouraging).Me: You sound so confident - What is there to show off ? (shy and scared).My Body: Please, Have you seen me?? (Enthusiastic, confident, stand up and show the audience and "Me", then sit back down) To start off, my eyes, they shine when you are proud of me and my smile lights up a room. (excited).

Me: Ok - I will give you that much. (not real excited, bummed out).My Body: My hands have built things, showed compassion, comfort and they are used for playing and driving.

My legs too, so muscular and powerful. I like to use them to play. (proud).

Me: I like your legs too. (a bit of a smile).My Body: That's the you I used to know! ( sigh of relief).

Me: Ok, what else? ( interested).My Body: Well, my arms are strong and I am able to hug people and lift small children. Then, there is my stomach, it helps me work so I can be here with you. (confident).Me: Aren't you worried about your stomach getting fat? (concerned).

My Body: No, the food you give me is for energy, it helps me run. The more we talk and understand each other you will know what I need. (reassuring).

Me: You have anything else to be proud of? (wondering) My Body: I AM BEAUTIFUL! (proud).Me: Yea, what if they tell you that you Look beautiful? (concerned).My Body: I say thank you. (very confident).

Me: Ok, you made your point. ( attitude says "you win").My Body: Since we are becoming friends, can I tell you something? (talking normal).

Me: ok - go ahead (sounding tired).My Body: We have to work on making mistakes. ( talking normal with a bit of emphasis on making mistakes).Me: Um, Why? (with attitude).My body: Because, when you work to be perfect I get sick. (stating a fact).

Me: I am sorry, I don't mean to, It is just the way I have always been. (apologetic).My Body: And, you have listened to ED for how many years? (questioning).Me: 21 (shy).

My Body: I rest my case. (confident).Me: If I am not perfect, then who am I? (worried and scared).My Body: You mean, who are we? We are healthy and happy. I am no longer controlled by you and you are no longer controlled by ED. (encouraging).

Me: I am sorry I have ignored you for so long. (apologetic).My Body: I am too. We will work together and you will become proud of me.

(encouraging).Me: Because, You are beautiful! (proud) I am glad you came to visit. (thankful).My Body: You are beautiful too.

I am glad we got a chance to talk.Me: We might have a bad day. (worried).My Body: That is how we learn and grow.

That is how we live. (encouraging).Me: I am proud of you Body! My Body: I am proud of you too! (they hug).Personal Reflection: My Body and Me.

1. Take a minute and think about how you treat your body.2. Do you take care of it? Ignore it? Hate it? Fight with it?.3.

What is the first word you think of when you think of your body?.4. How would you feel if someone treated you that way?.

Write a letter to your body, a story, a poem, a skit, draw a picture, make a collage, Jot down thoughts and feelings you have when it comes to your body. Then write a letter back -what would your body say back to you? My Body and Me.

.Mary Pat's life has been dedicated to serving those in need, physical, emotional and spiritual. Her work reflects her strength, spirituality, love of nature and sincere heart as she walks this journey we call life.

Mary Pat holds a B.A. in Religious Studies along with a M.S. in Experiential Education.

By: Mary Pat Nally


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