Online Dating Success Dont Say It With Sex

Your success with online dating all comes to how you say it. How you present yourself with you online profile ultimately determines how successful you will be in the online dating world.One of the things many single people say in their online profile is - I like the beach.Think of how many single people say they like hanging out at the beach. What makes you any different then the other jabillion people online saying they like to hang out at the beach.

To say you like going to the beach and get a little more attention, you may consider saying that you like hanging out on the beach and having a picnic. By adding, "having a picnic" you give the reader a much better picture of what you like about being on the beach.To convey the exact same message of hanging out at the beach and really boost your message you may want to say ? I like hanging out at the beach, watching the sun come up and drinking dark roast coffee.

This statements gives the reader two additional pieces of information besides the fact you like going to the beach. The reader also knows that you are probably a morning person because you like to watch the sun come up and the fact you like dark roasted coffee. This same message may cause a potential match to stop and read more about your profile. This may lead them to ask you a question about your favorite coffee.You can deliver the exact same message but do it a number of different ways.You can say - I like to travel.

You can also say - I love going to golf tournaments on my vacation. You can also say - I want to meet other single golfers the next time I visit Pebble Beach on my golf vacation.Just remember ? it's all in the way you say it.


Gary Kelly is co-creator of the online dating website for golfers, and http://www., a golf website specializing in personalized ball markers.

By: Gary Kelly


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