Organizing Your Childs Closet

Organizing the stuff you have at home is a great idea. It helps you to easily locate things that you need everyday. More so, being organized gives a fresher and cooler look to the place.Children find it more difficult to be organized than adults. They need strict supervision from their parents in order for them to learn the proper organizing system that they will need for themselves.

A parent may begin by teaching his child how to organize the inside of his room. Given a very small space, a child may do it in a manner that he is comfortable with it. One part of the child's room that can be easily disorganized is the closet. In many instances, the designs of the closet is what makes it worse.

To help your child organize his closet you have to initiate organizing it first by yourself and then let him follow you. It is proper to teach your child some organizing systems while he is still young.Check out the following tips on how to organize your child's closet:.

? The usual closet bar may be too high for your child. If the closet bar is unreachable by your child, he will be forced to put his clothes anywhere in the closet. You can solve this problem by adding an extra closet bar within your child's reach. By doing so, you are helping your child do the organizing by themselves.? Using a closet organizer is a good idea. You may find so many designs in your favorite home accessories' store.

? Buy and install shoe racks, hanging cubes or other organizing systems that you may need for your child's room. By doing so, you are helping your child put things in their proper places.? Check your child's closet for the clothes he no longer wears. If you find one, put it out and throw it away or better yet donate it to a charity institution. Clothes that are no longer used will just consume the space that can be used instead for other items.? If there are still spaces in your child's closet, you may add extra cubes that can be used for storing.

Arrange add on shelves horizontally. The shelves that are located on the higher part can be used in storing clothes that are seldom used or the clothes used for a particular season.Do the organizing first. You may do it with your child around so that he may know the things that you do.

Later on, the child will adapt the closet organizing system that you applied for his closet.

.Khieng 'Ken' Chho is author and owner of Closet Custom Designs.

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By: Khieng Chho


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