Outrageous Toys for the Expert

When you consider your selves experts and want to take your sex play up another notch, you'll need toys for the racy and free thinking couple.To enjoy your new toys to their full extent you'll need wedges. The liberator wedge and the ramp will help you get into positions that a flat bed wouldn't allow, is easy on the knees and the back, and will help you hold your legs without strain on your back.Okay, now on to the good stuff. When you use whips in bondage games you need to start out slow and light.

Whips can really do damage if used improperly, and they hurt more than they look like they will. If you belong to a sex club check to see if they have workshops on whips-most of them do. Increase the rhythm and stroke as your partner allows, and make sure you both understand the safe word.

If you're into whips and chains, though, by now you're used to the etiquette so this shouldn't be a problem. Whips are available in both studded and smooth.You'll want to move from furry hand cuffs to metal cuffs, so be sure to get wrist guards.

These guards run the length of your wrist to your elbow and will reduce chaffing for all types of harnesses and other hanging equipment. Leather ankle restraints come in various sizes. Harnesses are made for both men and women but you need on for each of you-trying to take turns with one may result in injury as the sizing is different for each sex.You're probably going to want to set your vibrators and dildos up a notch. The Long Schlong is one of the biggest dildos on the market, and can be used as a strap on by both men and women. Use it with care and buy a lot of extra lubricant for this big boy.

Nipple clips are a big hit with the expert in bondage and adult play, but did you know that they are sold in varying degrees of pinch?.As an expert, you already know that it is important to use lubricant and keep all of your toys clean and sanitary between uses.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link:Cheap Trashy Lingerie | Exotic Lingerie.

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