Personal Appearance And Attitude

Personal appearance is usually defined by the way we groom and dress ourselves and is generally instrumental in other people forming opinions about us. It's obvious therefore that care and attention should be given to how we look in order to make the best impression. In a working environment, there is often a dress code which is, in some cases, obligatory. This situation means the employee has little or no problem in following the code.

However, to the ambitious, keen, dedicated person this dress code can present an ideal opportunity to become noticed. Smart, well fitting, well pressed clothing will make a huge difference to how one is judged. Certain industries and professions are quite inflexible concerning dress and insist on company uniforms being worn.

Even then it's possible to stand out from the crowd by giving attention to good grooming which will always result in a smart appearance.If there are no restrictions on the type of clothes you wear at work it is generally easier to make a good impression with your choice of clothing. Care in deciding on the clothes you wear at work make a statement about you, so make the most of the opportunity. Dress sense is a very useful attribute to have, but not everyone possesses it. If you fall into that category follow the dress code used by your colleagues, but always endeavour to be that little bit smarter.

This extra attention to detail helps to create a business like appearance.A person's attitude is extremely important as the wrong one can have a negative affect and spoil their chances of promotion. The wrong attitude can result in someone appearing to be offensive and truculent, giving a completely false impression. Attitude has a lot to do with confidence and can provide the wrong signals to other people. It's not uncommon for a person's attitude to affect their whole performance adversely in a work environment even though they may be good at their job. Recent research has analysed the reasons why certain managers are chosen for redundancy rather than their contemporaries.

If you are aware of the main reasons thrown up by this research, obviously you will avoid making the same mistakes. For the benefit of the reader and as a matter of interest we will include them in this section as they refer to attitudes which must be avoided at all costs. It might not stop redundancy, but it will certainly help in preventing you from being a prime candidate.So here are some of the reasons that are looked on as being unhelpful. (a) Failure to build a team (b) Arrogance (c) Unethical (d) Not trustworthy (e) Poor Administration (f) No strategic thinking (g) Over Managing (h) Tunnel Vision (i) Will not network (j) Inflexibility (k) Defensiveness.Once again we see the need for being practical, helpful, sympathetic and truthful plus being able to spot a problem and have the ability to deal with it.

Personal attitude to the job counts for a great deal in how your performance is evaluated, so it is obviously beneficial to develop a positive, constructive and helpful attitude at work. Such an attitude will help you to cope with every singe aspect in the workplace and brings its own rewards and very often leads to promotion.If you are fortunate enough to have a company car provided, should you look on it as a "perk" that goes with the job? In which case it probably isn't looked after very well, is seldom washed, usually messy inside, has several minor faults, broken lenses, small scratches etc. Surely it is better to look on it as an expensive privilege which comes with the job, one that is worth looking after and of which to be proud? Again this attitude gives an excellent impression if you take care of company property. The same values apply to mobile phones, lap top computers, voice recorders and any other equipment the modern manager uses.

Looking after these things as if they were your own and had been paid for by you can only result in positive comments about your attitude. One other place where you can make a good impression is in your office or workplace. We have all seen offices and workplaces where chaos reigns. Desks littered with paper, paper trays overflowing, newspapers and magazines spread around, empty coffee cups lying around, all give the wrong signals. So do filing cabinets with the tops loaded with files and plants in dire need of a drink of water. Clothes hung precariously on bits of furniture also look untidy.

All these points paint a picture of inefficiency.Just imagine how much better the impression if the desks are tidy and the filing cabinets and other furniture are used for the purpose for which they were meant. It doesn't take long to tidy up, particularly if it is done regularly. Once again, if you do it often it becomes a habit. There is a saying in business that 'A tidy desk shows a tidy mind'.

Very true!.Most of the above will be seen to be common sense and obvious to most readers, but we make no apology for emphasising them. It is very often a lapse of common sense and neglecting the obvious which lead to bad practices, thus reflecting on the person concerned, so please, very carefully, consider these points. To conclude, remember that a positive appearance and a positive attitude result in a positive impression of you.

.Michael Russell.Your Independent guide to Self Help.

By: Michael Russell


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