Plus Size Womens Clothing Sizes

The bane of women everywhere is the wild inconsistency of clothing sizes between stores and fashion designers. Unfortunately, things get even more confusing when dealing with plus sizes. The important thing to remember is a tape measure and the designer's sizing charts are your best friends.Even though clothing sizes are not standardized, the actual measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and inseam are what matter for a comfortable and visually appealing fit."Missy", "XL", and "Woman's" Sizes.

"Woman's" sizes start at around a 14W and are typically cut larger than Missy sizes. XL sizes are even more inconsistent, with actual measurements differing quite a bit between designers. The best advice is to carefully take your measurements and then compare them to the sizing charts for each designer.Learn how to take measurements of your body.

Refer to a good sizing guide for how to measure your bust, waist, hips, and inseam. When taking measurements, always be sure to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. Measure your bust and hips at their widest point.Be Aware of Differences Between Designers.As if there isn't enough confusion in the sizing of women's clothing, the designers sometimes impose their own unique vision upon sizing.

Again, be sure to take careful measurements and then refer to the sizing charts for each designer you're interested in.Speaking the Language of International Sizes.It should really come as no surprise that sizes need to be "translated" between many countries. A US size 12 is a 14 in the UK, a 15 in Japan, and a 46 in Italy! Don't worry though, just refer to the handy sizing charts available at all online retailers of plus size womens clothing and you'll be fine.

If in doubt, contact customer service!.The great thing about the online retailers of plus size womens clothing is the helpful customer support staff they provide to shoppers. Either email or call their support department to get help in answering your plus size women's clothing sizing questions.


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By: Rich Rojas


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