Progress in Iraq Not Well Understood By Aborigines Lance Rants

Many do not understand how to gauge the War in Iraq; you see We have a World Culture clash and the other side insists on political impasse. Let the Iraqi new leadership participate in their own sound and fury, we have enough here, they deserve a little if that is the way they wish to play it.Not everyone can always agree, so give it some patience, forget about life at Internet clicking, channel checking speed for a minute and consider the smoothness of transition compared to our own Independence/civil war and then bridging the gap. Iraq is getting all this done in record time considering.If the Iranians would not have sent insurgents in to disrupt and there was not such a divide there, this all would have been done already. Sure it cost us too much, way too much, but lets look longer term.

There is still work to do today. And those soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines, well, G-dammit I am just so proud of all them, for their service and the risks they volunteered to take for the betterment of all mankind and the forward progression of this great nation and the human species as a whole.If you cannot see the progress, you forget too soon of the prior and thus doomed to repeat in the future. Consider all this in 2006. Thank you.

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By: Lance Winslow


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