Reasons to Never Ask Questions

Something happens. You need to respond?but how? The power of a good question is often times underestimated but may be just what you need to get you moving in the right direction. While I believe you should always ask more than you tell, there are times when asking questions will not help you. You should never ask questions if? .

  • You already know everything.

  • .
  • You believe that a closed mind is attractive.
  • .
  • You know that everyone that doesn't agree with you is wrong.

  • .
  • You get better results when everybody on your team reads from different pages of their own script.
  • .

  • Your problems have no roots that need to be exposed.
  • .
  • You like traveling the same bumpy road that led to last year's dead end.
  • .

  • You are opposed to learning new things.
  • .
  • You don't mind being stuck or getting left behind.
  • .
  • You like looking at brick walls more than moving up the ladder.
  • .

  • Keeping up with changing times is not necessary for your success.
  • .There is little today that we can be sure of but that things will continue to change. To keep up, to break out or to break through, means discovering new insights and thinking in new ways. While it is possible to question without thinking, it is impossible to think without questioning.

    A good question might just be your answer to getting over your next hurdle and finding your way down the right path. To get the results you want and need?just ask.


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    By: Valarie Washington


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