Seasoned Love

To achieve "seasoned love" you must have intimacy at all times. And we're not talking just about sexual intimacy although it's probably the most important. In fact studies have shown that the happiest couples with the longest and happiest marriages enjoy a healthy and exciting physical relationship. They make up about 60% of married couples. These couples almost unanimously call it "chemistry".But on the other hand there are those married couples that stay together regardless of whether they are happy or not.

It's usually because of children, religion, hoping things will someday get better, etc., etc.But the intimacy we're really talking about is how you treat each other on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis. We believe that if there are insults and sarcasm, constant put-downs, innuendos and criticism, you can't have intimacy. It's like rain on your parade, or dowsing a flickering candle. The fire just can't stay lit.

You need to be complimentary of each other with a lot of "kissy/huggy" stuff going on. Talking together about weekend plans and future special get-aways and the special things you do for each other. A slightly erotic and frequent "touchy-feely ness" will also heighten intimacy. Saying "I love you" often is a very powerful expression as it does not come easy to everyone.Of course we are only talking about those relationships that at least have a chance. If there's substance abuse or an addiction of some kind in a relationship, or something else equally as dangerous you need to seek out professional help.

But if all the right pieces to the puzzle are basically in place there is no reason why "Making The Most Out Of Your Marriage" should be an impossible task.A plan of action would be to start with communication. Begin by talking together about your marriage. Your relationship doesn't have to be in the doldrums to want to make it better.

And it may be that you just want to work on maintaining the goodness you already enjoy. Your relationship with your mate can be the most fulfilling part of your life.Now get started on making your relationship all it can be. It will be challenging, fun, and very rewarding, we promise.

Remember start with communication, and keep on communicating no matter how difficult it is. It is the secret.

.Joe & Emily Season are experts when it comes to relationships and marriage. Along with their lifetime of experience working with their own relationships they have helped many people in their lives find happiness.

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By: Emily Season


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