Take A Walk Around Your Problems

Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to achieve success. It is a technique that is used by most of the top achievers in every field, not only to achieve success, but also to solve problems.Here is a simple four-step visualization technique that you can use to help solve almost any problem:.1. Decide with absolute conviction that a solution to your problem already exists.

Your job is to find it.2. Break the problem down into its component parts.

If you prefer, use a separate piece of paper for each segment of your problem or situation, or use your computer as a "dynamic scratch pad" to jot down everything that comes to mind.Your goal is to define, as completely as possible, everything that you know about each aspect of the problem.3. Take a "mental walk" around your problem. Imagine hanging it from a hook in the center of the room, then walking slowly around it, viewing it from all sides. To help you consider your problem from many different perspectives, try asking yourself some open-ended, thought provoking questions, such as:.

? How is this situation similar to others I've faced before?.? How would someone else solve this problem?.? What experts could I call upon to help me solve this problem?.? What are some excellent sources of information on this topic or related areas?.

? If this problem involves another person, how does he or she view this situation?.4. Review your notes and brainstorm possible solutions. Just as virtually any object appears to be different from various angles, so will your problem or solution.This four step process will reveal areas where you need more information, as well as potential solutions to part or all of the problem. As you record your thoughts and insights, patterns will begin to emerge.

Follow every lead as far as you can; don't reject any idea at this stage, no matter how ridiculous it may seem initially. As Nobel Prize winning chemist Linus Pauling said: "The trick to having great ideas is to come up with a lot of ideas, then throw out the bad ones.".What this unique exercise does is to get you moving.

When you get into action, your perspective changes and solutions that may have been hidden from you are now suddenly obvious. Obstacles, when seen in a new light, are often much smaller than they first appeared.As with most things in life, barriers that once seemed insurmountable often evaporate when they are subjected to rigorous scrutiny by a determined achiever with a positive mental attitude.Copyright(c)2006 by Joe Love and JLM & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.


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By: Joe Love


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