The Best Place for Guys to Take a Date

All right guys, you have a hot date and can't make up your mind where to take her.What's the perfect place with great food, atmosphere, etc.? Is it that quaint little Bistro, that elegant French restaurant or that new steak house?.

Actually, none of these is the answer. The best place to impress her is your place. There you control the atmosphere, the ambience, the food, etc. It can be casual, semi-formal or even formal. You create the atmosphere.

You don't even have to cook, although cooking just a little will go a long ways toward impressing her. Take your Lady to YOUR place.Your Bachelor Pad can make points with your lady if you do it right. Have you ever tried to have a real conversation in a noisy bar or restaurant? It can be really hard to make a connection with your woman in that kind of atmosphere. Part of the problem is that she'll stick to trivia and use it to keep you at a distance. You know, talk, talk, TALK! You've been there.

She's talking to you. It's how women connect. But maybe you don't connect very well that way. Men don't usually. It feels like she's holding you away.

She's not letting you get close.So how can you get her closer? You need privacy. Your best opportunity might be to entertain her at your bachelor pad. Sometimes it's hard to get her to agree to come over.

You have to make sure she feels comfortable. Is she coming to a man pit or is she coming to a place where she will start to feel romantic. The subtleties are within your control. You can have a good guy space without making it like a place that could make a woman feel threatened.Clean a little.

It's really bad for a guy's image if his bathroom is filthy. She will see it, too. Women notice those things. Have supplies to make your guest comfortable and happy. Sit close to her on your sofa. Feed her and offer her a drink.

One of the best-kept secrets in the world is that women love for a guy to feed them. A guy who can cook has one of the keys to a woman's heart.Learn to set a beautiful table. Part of good food is how it looks when it is served.

Put an elegant tablecloth on your table. Plan to have it cleaned with your shirts. Take each plate and set it about 1 inch from the edge of the table.

If you are serving a salad (an easy option) you need a salad fork on the far left of the plate. Put the dinner fork between the salad fork and the plate (both on the left side of the plate). On the right side of the plate place the knife first with the business side of the knife turned toward the plate. Put the spoon on the far right.

Put the serviette (napkin) under the forks. Put a water goblet at the top tip of the knife and a wine glass at the top tip of the spoon. (For day, stick to iced tea or water goblets alone).For an evening meal, use candles and light them. Candles are romantic. Place a single rose in a bud vase with some water.

Strip off the lower leaves and cut the stem so the flower is three or four inches above the top of the vase. As an alternative you can float three lilies or daisies in a bowl with water. Put the place settings at a 90 degree angle from each other. Why? It puts you in proximity. It's more romantic.

All the stuff you need is at the grocery store. Get her to help you in the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, it's a good thing. She needs to BE close to you to start to FEEL close to you. Serve chocolate for dessert. It can be as easy as candies or ice cream.

Remove all the dinner stuff from the table except the candles and flowers. Lay out fresh dishes for the sweet. If the lady likes coffee, serve it.

Be easy and friendly. So let her know you're attracted. Be attentive to her. The trouble you go to could make your date something very special.

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By: Georgette Pauls


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