The High Cost Of Winning

Winners are people who continually absorb themselves in thoughts that will create the actions to move ahead consistently and relentlessly toward their goals and dreams. They are people who move on faith and can accept the fact that the fruits of their labor are often realized only at the completion of the journey.Winners are never satisfied. When they win, they seek new challenges, new opportunities and new ways to test themselves, but there is also a high cost to winning. So many people fail in life because they do not understand the price they have to pay to win and ultimately fail.

People who are continually nourished by the winning spirit know this. Before you thoroughly commit to achieving your goals and dreams, you must understand the costs, because they become part of your fabric even when you experience an outstanding win or overcome an obstacle you once had doubts about.Here are a few of the high costs of winning that you need to be aware of:.? Winning creates an insatiable appetite for continually testing your capabilities.? You find your self suspending the belief that something can't be done. You give up on old agreements that you had concerning your potential and create new agreements built around the theme: It is possible!.

? Winning will create unusually high levels of personal empowerment and self-esteem. You will find others giving up as you notice that you persist in climbing the next mountain. You may even find that you are taking "the road less traveled" and creating your own road map to share with others who choose to learn from you.

? You will thoroughly understand this powerful quote by Lou Holtz, the former Notre Dame football coach who said, "Some days you are drinking the wine; other days your are picking the grapes." You view things that do not immediately work out as challenges that are temporarily handed down, perhaps from a higher source.? You never allow yourself to make excuses.

You know that misery loves company, but you also readily understand that so does success! Keep searching for other winners with whom you can share success.? Winners make optimism a way of life. It becomes deeply ingrained in the core of their being. Negativity and failure are not options for them.

? Winners know that business is similar to tennis. If you don't consistently serve well, you end up losing.? Winners understand that there are two types of income: psychic and monetary. You need both to win.An important point to understand about winners is that there is often only a small difference between winners and losers. Very often the top people in a given field are usually only a little bit better then the average people in the things they do, but because they are consistently better in these things it adds up to an enormous difference in results.

In business as well as in life you only have to be about 3 percent better than your competition to be the winner in your field. Through continuous education, self-development, and practice you will continue to get better and better and move yourself even further ahead of the competition.Winning is not easy, which is why there are so few winners in our society. To become a winner you must first know what the costs of winning are. The price you're going to have to pay to achieve your goal or dream. Once you know the price you're going to have to pay to become a winner and are committed to paying that price you will be on your way to achieving whatever you want in life.

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