Tips For Having Fun Organizing

Has the word "clutter" become a negative trigger for you? Do piles of papers or stacks of stuff invade and haunt your physical and mental space? Do you feel hopeless at the thought of filing or clearing? How about if your beliefs on creating order would "reorganize" themselves, in a Mary Poppins way, easily, effortlessly, and playfully, could you then conceive of not only getting organized, but also staying clutter free?.1. Play? Colors
Colors are life, colors are fun! Each has a special message to give you, personally! Use them: take your child self on a shopping trip to an office place, and choose folders in the color that you like the most, be it a bright orange, a sophisticated teal, or a spirited violet. Play with this; maybe you want to have matching or contrasting colors for your hanging files or folders? Let yourself start a brand new journey with your paper world, colored by the magic of a rainbow?.2. Play? Saint (Pleasant)
Along with the new appealing folders instilling joy and renewal and clearing old patterns, look at the objects that are in your décor, e.

g. pencil cup, paper trays, lamps, etc? Do you like them? Do they make you smile each time you look at them? Frame the photograph of your beloved with a frame that brings you pleasure, or invest in the slick metallic office set that you like! Those small investments will give your sanity, if not sanctity. They will transform your mood, and thus your world?.3. Play? Business Guru
It is all about playing: create a fun ritual around your organizing sessions. Possibly go to a costume store, and buy yourself a pair of Groucho Marx's glasses (with the mustache!) For 15 min.

of organizing, put on those glasses, and pretend you are an organization expert, or a business guru. Have fun!.4.

Play? Order Builder
Think of yourself as a Body Builder, and as organizing as your favorite workout.Do a set of 15 minutes. No more. Actually use an egg timer to make sure you are not overworking your order muscles? We wouldn't want for you to be so exhausted tomorrow, and so sore you won't touch your files for another month! Just commit to do a set for 15 minutes a day, five days a week! Easy? For each organizing set, treat yourself to a 15 minutes passion break, where you do something about which you are totally passionate!.

5. Play it? And Joy Will Come
This is my promise to you: since it is much harder to resist doing something than actually doing it, joy will flow to your heart after your very first session! After a week, you will truly relish in your accomplishment, and start seeing a path to your own freedom. A month will grant you a self-esteem that you never thought was possible! Not counting the greater effectiveness, and the satisfaction of knowing what you own, and where it is!.6. Play? to Allow Win
That is where the goofy costume mentioned in #3 becomes really meaningful! Halloween is Allow win: know that as you start this new life of yours, there may just be the possibility of a relapse, and that the wonderful joy just described might turn again into sheer hopelessness. Should that moment hit, put those glasses back on, and grab a mirror, quick! Your despair can be seen as being as real, and as unreal as those glasses are, guaranteed!.

7. Puzzle Play
Since you have just become willing to have fun relapsing into your old self, you can also make a game out of any challenge you may encounter. Treat it as a puzzle, as a game for your mind to resolve. First focus on the solution, and then, just like any other genius, give yourself some time to hear the answer? It may be helpful to create a "Puzzle file" to be visited in your Friday organizing sessions.

8. Play? Music
Much has been said about the effect of music on reprogramming the brain. Use it.

Do your 15 minutes set while playing your favorite tunes! In this manner, you will change your previous thought forms on organizing to a mindset of appreciation, synchronicity, and harmony?.9. Play? Decide
Do you remember being a child and playing Post Office, or Grocery Store? Do you remember how you would just "decide" how many stamps to buy, or bananas or cartoons of milk? Your piles of paper are only decisions unmade, because you thought the game was very serious, and that you could make "mistakes." Become a child again; give yourself to decide; this I keep, this I let go! That I let go, and this I keep! And watch yourself becoming lighter, and happier, and, also interestingly, way more secure about yourself!.10.

Play? Inspired!
Hire a coach. Hire an inspiration coach. Hire an inspiration coach, whose name starts in "maha", and finishes with "lene". Hire an Inspiration coach, whose name starts in "maha", finishes with "lene", and whose email reads mahalene@soulvision.

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By: Mahalene Louis


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