Tropical Hurricane Season is About to Start

Well most weather experts predicted this, an early start to the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season. Which cities will get the bullet this year? Know one knows yet or at least if they do they are not telling. Although certainly on the list is the Gulf Coast, Florida and the Eastern Seaboard.

After the record shattering 2005 Tropical Hurricane Season many an islander is also weary and worried about wicked weather. There was massive flood damage in many islands and the mess still is not cleaned up yet. What about Mexico and Central America? Well they too are nestled in the danger zone and they know it too.

Here we go again as the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Season starts early this year. Early than usual as expected and just when people were forgetting last season, it starts all over again. Will New Orleans get hit again? The Gulf Coast is not even repaired yet and in New York's Long Island some insurance companies have already begun canceling homeowner's insurance.

Do they know something we don't? Are we sure we really want to know what is in store? One question remains as ocean surface temperatures heat up; why does the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season have to start so early when it finished up so late? Consider all this in 2006.

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