Turning Point in Iraq

The new Iraqi Government is well on its way to having a sustainable government, which indeed will be one of democracy, liberty and freedom. Just what the people want as they all showed their support by risking their lives to vote and showing purple fingers to the World. Also with the United States taking a back seat as a trainer, advisor and assistant in rebuilding, we see the cooperation as it continues and strengthens our partnership there.

This is a great deal for the center of the Middle East, Iraq. Just look at a map and see the significance of the land so rich in human history. We as Americans should be proud of what we have done and although the cost to do it is rather a tough one to swallow, no one can deny that we are seeing a turning point in Iraq and a shift in the Middle East as Democracy Marches on, one nation at a time. And what a better nation with a proud heritage then Iraq to be the next to achieve Democracy after throwing out a tyrannical dictator who was about to pass his torch to even more evil offspring with a history of abuse.

The United States of America has done a wonderful thing in liberating the people of Iraq and now the Free People of Iraq will choose their own destiny as they carry their own torch into future periods. We must consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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