TWA an International Terrorist Act

Was the TWA 747, which crashed off the coast of New York and accident or was it an international terrorists event. It appears that the TWA 747, which crashed off the coast of New York was an international terrorist act and it was brought down by the terrorists.Someday, CIA documentation of this will be released to the public and the truth will be known. There is much chaos and controversy over this issue and quite a few conspiracy theories of the crash other TWA 747 off the coast of New York.

Some say it was brought down by U.S. military missile, which accidentally hit the plane.

Others say that he missiles shot from the water went straight up and hit the aircraft.There are even some conspiracy theorists, which believe the whole thing was covered up and was an accident from a practice war game going on with the United States military. Indeed there are also theories that the TWA 747 was brought down by international terrorists on aboard the aircraft who sat in a particular seat and set off a weapon in the center of the aircraft above the fuel tank and the entire airplane blew up.No matter what you believe about the TWA 747 it appears that it possibly was an international terrorist act and even if we cannot prove it all indications and evidence support such a theory.

Does this mean that the international terrorists have been at war with the United States for longer than we thought? If so does that make sense that we should be at war with them and remove them from the planet in the present for as long as it takes using every single method that is possible? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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