TwentyFive Things You Dont Know About Behavior Management Part

During the first twenty of these items, I have tried to offer you some of the best strategies and thinking for behavior management. For the final phase, I will list and discuss some of the most common mistakes.21.

Ineffective praise is one of the most common mistakes made in behavior management. While it is true, specific, enthusiastic praise can be a powerful tool; improper use may not only be ineffective but I consider it condescending, as well.22. Introduction of too much fee time is another mistake. Often, we build free time into a system as a reward for productivity.

Now take a moment to think about that, "free time as a reward for productivity." Do I need to expound upon the tragedy of that logic?.The rule of thumb is if you are busy, you do not have time for problem behaviors.23. Sarcasm is one of the most detrimental elements that you can introduce. Even if you are adept at sarcasm and all of your remarks border on the hilarious, it is a bad idea.

When people are stung by sarcasm, they spend the remainder of their time sulking, or plotting their revenge in the next event allowing the exchange or witty repartee. Very little positive work gets accomplished.24. Inconsistency can cause you monumental problems. If you plan to correct a behavior, make sure you have the energy to address it every single time. If you do not, you are better off ignoring the thing entirely.

25. You must avoid power struggles at all costs. If it is necessary for you to give a command do so. Remember to speak clearly and slowly, use a gentle touch, and make good eye contact.

Then reinforce the compliance with a thank you.None of these strategies will be productive in isolation. Read and absorb them all and chose the tools that fit your particular need and circumstance.


By: Reg Adkins


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