Understanding Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RGGI

So far seven states have adopted Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) standards, which are said to be beneficial in creating capital flows to research and development for clean energy innovation and scientific discovery. This should bring investors, developers, Co-operative generation plans and venture capital to the market place to help America stay clean on energy.Due to the necessity to comply with standards each utility will need to keep up with the regulations and higher standards by introducing innovative renewable energy methods and insure that they are profitable and successful in the future.You see just because the United States of America did not sign the Kyoto Treaty does not mean they are not well on their way to fixing any sort of air pollution problem that the United States is perceived to have had.

Indeed some ask; What is China doing today to insure that they are meeting the same high standards there that we are here?.Some are starting to ask about not only Free Trade but also fair trade; in other words a level playing field for all nations. So far to date 23 states have signed RPS Mandates or Renewable Portfolio Standards to insure that each utility in the state meets guidelines to insure that they have a percentage mix of renewable energy. A lot is being done out there to clean the air and new innovations are also being discovered everyday. Consider this in 2006.


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