Vietnam War the War in Iraq and the Global War on Terrorism

Today there are some Americans (some Democrats) who actually want us to lose the war in Iraq? Why? So they can put a couple more Johns in the White House; although I think I remember in a Discovery Channel Special that it was supplied with plenty of bathrooms already. Of course luckily there are only a few fringe Democrats which have so much hate in them that they want such a loss. In reality the American People are determined to stand United in the War on Terrorism and in Iraq, even Senator Hillary Clinton.Recently in an online think tank a guest calling himself Buddha of all things stated; "The world will never win the war on terrorism they lost the Vietnam War and they will lose the War in Iraq and the War On Global Terrorism .a determined man has been and will always be the best weapon.

Man wins the war".Upon hearing this I felt compelled to state the obvious even though this individual was oblivious to the reality of the resolve of the American People. So I stated; "Indeed and it is for that very reason that you are no corresponding to one of the most determined men on the Planet, son of a long line of determined men, living amongst more of the same who are all the Most Determined Men of the human race.".

And let it be known that there is no more determined, strong, intelligent, dedicated, men on this said planet than those in the United States Military and all those who support them in the Greatest Nation in the World. So for the very reason you say that the USA cannot win the war on International Terrorism is the reason WE WILL.And my young Buddha man, we can do it with our hands tied behind our backs too, if we had too, that it is the level of determination perhaps you don't understand.

Additionally I would like to point out to you and anyone else listening that believe you me, we have no intention of fighting this war on terror with our hands behind or backs, in fact we are going to go balls to the wall, full force until we are victorious. Now you show me someone with more determination than that. So for any non-believers out there consider what I am saying here.

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By: Lance Winslow


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