When Spiritual Life Energy Is Hijacked By Addictions

The purpose of our vital life energy is just that, to keep us "vital" in all senses of the word. By vital I mean feeling and being alive, happy, healthy, enthusiastic, creatively productive, resilient, and feeling good about ourselves to name a few.This vital life energy is also what many here refer to as the "life force", "our essence", and our "spiritual energy". What is interesting is that this force or energy has an intelligence associated with it. An intelligence that is for instance evident in how it orchestrates automatically all of your physiological functions without you even having to be aware of them. Now isn't that miraculous?.

Unfortunately in the case of addictions there is a problem that befalls the functional state of the person that relates directly to this spiritual energy that I am discussing. What is that connection you ask? Let me explain.When a person is addicted most of their energy becomes "focused" and "trapped" in the fulfillment of a particular activity or function, the fulfillment of the craving for whatever the person is addicted to.We all know what chaos this can wreak on a person's entire life and health when the addiction is all encompassing.Another way of saying this is that the spiritual energy of the person, the energy of life itself, has been "hijacked" and "shunted" in directions that do not support the mind/body at all.

The effect is to over emphasize the imprinting of certain programmed behaviors at a neurophysiological and DNA level while also de-emphasizing all other life oriented functions within the mind/body.When this happens the rest of the mind/body feels depleted, de-energized, weakened, unsupported, vulnerable, helpless, dysfunctional and essentially on its own.This creates a deep feeling of insecurity at all levels within the person and leads them to crave a sense of peace and security. This is the same craving that feeds and perpetuates the addictive behavior. Now since they are caught in the addicted behavior they "think" that that is where they will find such peace.Of course as their spiritual energy is drawn further into feeding dysfunctional and life-limiting programmed behaviors the mind/body continues to become weakened and vulnerable.

This leads to a vicious cycle of addiction that some Chaos Theorists mathematically might describe as an "Attractor State".How does one break such a cycle and release the spiritual energy, indeed the key is to redirect the spiritual energy of that person to reintegrate itself with the entire mind/body. In my view this can only be done by opening up energy channels in the mind/body that have been shut down.Such channels become shut down, in my view, by the sum total of all the negative life history (i.

e. memories, emotions, beliefs, perceptions etc.) that become stored in the individual's energy field, consciousness, mind/body etc.My work with a new spiritual and personal growth modality called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) has shown the remarkable ability to release major swaths of one's limiting personal life history from their energy field thereby re-opening long blocked energy channels.By restoring this flow i.e.

reclaiming and re-directing "hijacked" spiritual energy, the mind/body re-establishes its vitality and allows the individual to feel stronger, more peaceful, more resilient, and with an unlimited capacity for creative expression. This breaks the craving for the addictive behavior directly.It is my view that unless and until this happens ones predisposition to addictions will always remain a threatening possibility.


Dr. Nick Arrizza is trained in Chemical Engineering, Business Management & Leadership, Medicine and Psychiatry. He is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Key Note Speaker,Editor of a New Ezine Called "Spirituality And Science" (which is requesting high quality article submissions) Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" (available in ebook format on his web site), Stress Management Coach, Peak Performance Coach & Energy Medicine Researcher, Specializes in Life and Executive Performance Coaching, is the Developer of a powerful new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) that helps build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being by helping to permanently release negative beliefs, emotions, perceptions and memories. He holds live workshops, international telephone coaching sessions and international teleconference workshops on Physical.

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.Business URL #1: URL: http://www.telecoaching4u.


By: Nick Arrizza, M.D.


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