Globalization and Emerging Technologies Today - An article I read by Anders Lotsson, Buisness2 magazine, provided and inside look at what emerging technologies are doing and were they are sprouting.

Relationships Please Give Your Head An Opportunity To Decide - Relationships in the early phase of formation are guided by heart and physical attraction and needs.

Women Who Date the Clasic Bad Boy Pinocchio Part One - Now some men may be six feet tall, own a platinum card, retain a drivers license, able to die for our country, and saddle up to the bar stool legally; but it does not guarantee that they are and adult.

Vietnam War the War in Iraq and the Global War on Terrorism - Today there are some Americans (some Democrats) who actually want us to lose the war in Iraq? Why? So they can put a couple more Johns in the White House; although I think I remember in a Discovery Channel Special that it was supplied with plenty.

Sometimes God Makes Me Nervous - I think he can see right through me.

Games and Role Plays My Favorite Ones - The Kama Sutra game takes the ancient sexual position manual to another level by prodding you into the actual positions through the use of a simple card and board game.

Turning Point in Iraq - The new Iraqi Government is well on its way to having a sustainable government, which indeed will be one of democracy, liberty and freedom.

Tropical Depression Storm Kirk - Well Captain, we cannot take much more of this our civilization is going to have serious hull damage and potential structural failure.

How Relationship Disagreements Can Make You Closer - If you are like me, you?ve found yourself standing in the aftermath of a firestorm called a fight.

Alarm Clocks An Insight - For most the sound of an Alarm ringing first thing in the morning is a shock.

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