The Spirit of The Light and How We Receive InformationPart - You may also receive information visually, with pictures or images, or audibly; you might hear something.

Tweak Versus Major Change - When we think of change we might think we have to stop whatever it is we are doing and start something all together new.

Lance Rants Against Intervention in Iran - Iran is developing nuclear weapons now, they say as a deterrent.

A System for SelfGrowth Discovery - This article is a brief description of the spiritual path that I am walking upon.

Lance Rants on Palestinian Charges Against Israelis - You know if Israel were my Nation and folks were coming in and to kill my people and strapping bombs to themselves in such murderous acts, I do not hesitate to consider what I would do.

Exercise Your Way to Stress Reduction - It is easy to let stress take over your life.

Learn How To Make FEAR Your Ally - Do you fear the unknown? Or perhaps you are completely aware of the things that make you fearful.

Indigenous Indonesia Indians Sense Earthquakes Can All Humans Do This - The world was struck once again in awe of Mother Nature's shear power during the Sumatra Earthquake and Indonesia Tsunami.

Yoga Helps Asthma - The science of Yoga specialises in breath control.

Growing Older or Getting Older - An issue that affects many of my advisees in the home business field--you are going to think this has nothing to do with home business, but I assure you it does--is the aging issue.

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