Abandoning Atmospheric Satellites - With all the budget cuts we seem to be cutting some things, which we are going to need in the future; things like NASA Atmospheric Satellites for instance.

Aloha Mahalo Manna or Spiritual Meaning of these Words - The healing cabanas or treatment rooms at Springhill Wellness Center are the two most sacred words in the Hawaiian language, Aloha and Mahalo.

Lance Rants on Iranian Leadership Making Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Warheads - The United States cannot allow a nation state, which sponsors international terrorism to build nuclear weapons and use or threaten to use them on civilian populations.

Fear and Worry The real Lethal Weapons - Fear has many faces and most of those faces are in disguise.

Lance Rants on the Fact that the Iranian Leadership Thinks Americans are Weak - The Iranian Leadership is escalating the rhetoric and building up for war with modern high-tech Chinese and Russian weapons, but why? Why now? Why does Iran want a war? Why does Iran want nuclear weapons? Why does Iran sponsor International Terror.

Dow Drops More Due to Politics in Bolivia than Illegal Immigration Protests - The day of the so-called Massive Boycott, Protests and Marches on Illegal Immigration did little if anything to impress financial markets.

The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers Part - When, or if, you decide to become a Yoga teacher, you should start with a basic Yoga teacher training course that gives you an overview of all of the fields within Yoga.

Sex And The Afterlife Part One - It is because of religious fervour, indoctrination and plain fear-mongering that society at large is under the common 'belief' and assumption that, when we do finally die, like our lives, our sex life also comes to a full stop.

Telltale Signs of Increasing Emotional Abundance - A whimsical message arrived through my email.

Lance Rants What Can the United States Do about the Iranian Nuclear Crisis - Some people actually believe that the United States Military is so over extended that it cannot do anything about the Iranian nuclear crisis.

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